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RN Agrovet, We strive to offer our partners and customers the best export quality agro-products in Bangladesh. We are supplied regularly to all major cities and towns of the country. We also supplied to remote areas to ensure availability at every end. We help you source the best product available in the market.

Animal Health

We are a Peruvian company dedicated to the development and export of products for veterinary use. With 20 years in the market and through a technical and creative development oriented towards unmet needs of producers and veterinarians, and constant technical-commercial support directed to our representatives.


To offer unique veterinary pharmaceuticals and nutritional products, developed in a creative and innovative way.


In 2025, we will be the leading veterinary pharmaceuticals company in BD,not only in sales but also in innovation, value creation and process excellence with registrable products in any country.


Recognizing the importance of providing innovative and high quality services, we are committed to meeting our customer’s needs, and continuously improving our processes and act according the legal requirements.

Our Products

Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B6

10 X 20 gm
NeurovinPlus 20 gm
Veterinary Nutrition Premix

Sodium Bicarbonate
Nux vomica
Cobalt, Copper & Ferrous sulfate
Vitamin B1, B12
Gastronal 20 gm
Animal feed Supplement

Zinc Sulfate

05 Ltr bottle
ZincPlus 05 Ltr
Veterinary use only

Animal feed Supplement

10 X 150 gm
Disol 150 gm


I am using RN Agrovet products for the last 1 year and the result is remarkable. I had a few bad experiences with other leading brands. After using your products my boilers and cattle’s have become healthier and helped to gain some weight as well. Thanks

Md. Sabuj

RN Distributor

I have been availing RN Agrovet products for the last one year. It is the best product which I have come across so far. I would like to recommend your brand to every poultry and cattle house for better results. I am happy to get associated with this brand.

Salma Begom


RN Agrovet products I am using since two years. I am a distributor of RN Agrovet. I have never seen such strong poultry & cattle feed healthcare products till date. All the products compositions are over and above other company’s products, I will recommend using RN Products.

Md. Samim Ahmed

RN Distributor

Our Special Team

We are a team that strives to offer their partners and customers the best export quality agro-medicine in Bangladesh.

Md. Abdur Rahim

Founder & Managing Director

Dr. Nokib Ulla Siddiquee

Chief Adviser

S.A.M Tarik

Director (Admin)

S.A.M Galib

Director (Marketing)


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59/C, Eitakhola Road, Kanchijuly, Mymensingh-2200, Bangladesh

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